Candace's custom bridal gown design process begins with your inspiration. We will transform your imagination and ideas into a couture constructed bridal gown that is the centerpiece of your wedding day(besides your love of course!). Your aesthetic might be classic, sexy, clean, or another look you’d like to portray. I will advise you regarding the latest wedding trends and fashion while still rooting our approach in the what has timelessly worked for brides.  

Once you decide on a design, I will guide you through the fabric selection. Working in the fashion industry has allowed me access to a wide variety of fine fabrics, including silks of various weaves, weights and finishes, laces, brocades, and other materials. The end result will be a unique, custom-designed wedding gown expertly fitted for your body. 

I can't wait to get started! Contact me today with your vision for your big day.